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These ancient texts have in common a strong sense of the spirit and significance of place and an awareness and acceptance of implicit natural laws recognized throughout the ages as being essential for balance and harmony, renewal — and, ultimately, survival. I have treated them musically as both chants and praises with a strong connection to the earth.

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No attempt has been made to mimic either Aboriginal music or birdsong: the rhythmic patterns and drones are directly influenced by my subconscious absorption of the sounds of the south eastern coastal environment of Australia where I have spent most of my life. Bridge for Ars Musica Australis. For information about our rental prices, please contact the Rentals Department: ingelise edition-s.

Finally, like Robinson, and Velsman, Barbara Kellerman identifies a number of leadership toxicities. Most disconcerting, in her book, Bad Leadership: What It Is, How It Happens and Why It Matters , Kellerman, suggests that an organizational culture itself can actually become toxic if the leader and at least some followers or both reflect one or more of the following characteristics:.

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Unfortunately, apart from adversely affecting the more secular sectors of society, toxic leadership may also be detected in religious organizations. According to Thom S. Examples of prominent VBL models include spiritual, servant, authentic, ethical, and transformational. In contrast to their toxic counterparts, Values Based Leaders have an ethical core of principles that inform their decisions, prioritize their work, and guide their inter-relationships. By adhering to a set of principled values they guard themselves and their administrative cultures from becoming toxic.

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In other words, leaders are considered ethical as long as they display good, right, and moral behaviors. Aside from administrative competencies, individual characteristics are also associated with Ethical Leadership. Ethical leaders frequently communicate with their followers about ethics, set clear ethical standards, and are intent on seeing that those standards are followed.

By respecting the rights and dignity of their peers, employees, and followers in such a fashion, ethical leaders use their power and authority to serve the greater good instead of self-serving interests. In , the Hooker Chemical Company disguised their once industrial chemical dumpsite called Love Canal with earth and sold it to the city of Niagara Falls in New York for one dollar. While the three-block tract of land was originally envisioned by entrepreneur William T. Unsurprisingly, the explosion precipitated an increase of cancer deaths, miscarriages, and birth-defects in the area.

What went wrong? The Hooker Chemical Company tried to bury their toxicity. Had they been honest and disposed of them properly in the first place, the terrible Love Canal catastrophe could have been prevented.

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Left unchecked, the 19th Year of the 21st Century can experience a similar fate. The contaminants created by unethical hearts, minds, and actions cannot be adequately concealed.

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