A Myriad of Ideas

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The argument goes like this: You wouldn't say, "There are a ten thousand of delights," so you shouldn't say, "There are a myriad of delights.

'Myriad' or 'A Myriad Of'?

Nevertheless, if you choose to say or write "a myriad of," I have to warn you that you'll encounter occasional but vehement resistance. And in fact, the AP Stylebook says not to use it. John in And, to speak honestly, I have not yet learned to think so meanly of my countrymen, as not to believe that this island contains many myriads to whom truth, both in politics and religion, is precious as life itself.

muncheewikdola.ga Who under an evil government, can feel any unsophisticated thirst of glory, or be desirous that posterity should know he tasted the bitter cup of servitude under this or that tyrant? Or, worse still, that while myriads of his nobler countrymen were smitten and pining in secret sadness, at beholding the abomination of desolation in the Holy Place of Freedom; or were, perchance, carried forcibly away for imaginary offenses into exile beyond the seas, he could tune his slavish lyre for the amusement of courtiers, or insolently celebrate his private pleasures?

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You could even do it another way and add a new special fairy each day which could be given as a special advent gift each day to a child. So sweet!

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