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I won't be reading the rest of the series Jun 08, Nikko rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites. Ending was a bit abrupt.. Other than that it was not bad Oct 14, DC rated it liked it. I love dragons. This cute little story covers both. Thanks to the author for getting that part right.

One thing that did bother me, and which I found rather distracting, was the language. Ian and his clan spoke with what the author presented as medieval Scottish. Did they measure things that way in medieval Scotland? This short book is definetely worth the read since it is fun and engaging. However, there is really nothing about the character and plot development that raises it above average. Jun 22, Jane A rated it liked it Shelves: shapeshifters , fantasy. This was a pretty good short story.

It started off really well, before the two MCs met each other, and after it became pretty normal. There was pretty much a case of love at first sight which means that everything went pretty quickly.

There were no fights or misunderstandings between the couple, so that was a plus. It's a good story to pass the time and could probably even be a comfort read, if you're into fantasy, however it did end in a HFN. May 18, Nessa rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this story since it was centered around Dragons. The world building was pretty unique, and I love how they all Dragons lived together hidden down in the valley. The romance was sweet with my favorite part being when Ian was riding on his dragon Roark.

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I like the author's style of writing, as usual, and I think that this first book of the series was quite enchanting. Shelves: m-m-read , ebooks. The setup and story line were good so I'm hoping the next books in the series are better. Hidden The dragons lived in a hidden valley to insure the safety of their kind.

Roark was after a dragon endangering their existence. Ian was on a mission for his father. Love took the lead. Jun 17, Thomaidha Papa rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , erotica , dragon-and-virgin , m-m. I loved this novella; it was fascinating and extremely gripping. As the title of the series because yes! The plot was fun. Ian was sent to kill a dragon o 3.

Ian was sent to kill a dragon only to fall for one himself. The eroticism between them was fantastic, the writing skills more than good, and we had the opportunity to feel the heat between the pair and experience it as if we were there ourselves. It served to heighten the anticipation and intensity levels a bit and it managed to do so rather handsomely. I loved Ian as a character there, he was appealing before, but at that moment he became more and showed some depth of personality, while Roark showed a lovely side that makes dragon lovers love them all the more.

The writing was good enough for me not to mind such slips at all and the pace set was amazing. I was so lost in the story that I literally inhaled it in a matter of a couple of hours, and I was left satisfied and wanting for more, already anticipating the next one of the series to come.

It was great. Jun 04, Sophia rated it really liked it Shelves: pnr-uf. This was the first story in a new series and I was so excited when I saw that it was about dragons and men in kilts. When rumor comes to the chieftain of the clan of a dragon near one of the northern towns, he sends his son Ian to check it out.

Ian has doubts of a real dragon and thinks the people are more than likely just trying to make an excuse to avoid the annual tax. He doesn't really care though and is more than happy to be sent away because it allows him to avoid the other duty his This was the first story in a new series and I was so excited when I saw that it was about dragons and men in kilts. He doesn't really care though and is more than happy to be sent away because it allows him to avoid the other duty his father has planned for him- marriage to the daughter of another clan for political purposes.

Ian knows its his duty to his clan to strengthen the relations between clans, but he dreads the whole idea and it is his biggest secret why. He doesn't care for females. So off he goes to hunt for a dragon. The rumors are not hard to track down and it is then that he encounters another who is also following the rumors. Roarke is another stranger claiming to be a dragon hunter. Ian is drawn to Roarke and decides to tag along with the hunter to search for the supposed dragon.

Roarke has his own reasons for hunting the dragon and Ian is soon caught up in something he could have never imagined. I really enjoyed the fantasy-feel to the story and the clean story line. The surprise was welcome and I enjoyed the new world of dragons that were introduced in this story. The highlander backdrop is a lesser element than the fantasy portion. Roarke and Ian were likeable heroes that I was truly rooting for. Now, I'm looking forward to more stories in this new series. Jul 22, Gabbi rated it it was amazing Shelves: forbidden-love , , top2bottom-reviews , enemies-to-lovers , series , angst , fantasy , extasy-books , charlie-richards.

Dragons, sexy accents and men in kilts…oh my! Between the hot heroes, fast-paced story and the romance between them…this was definitely a quick and enjoyable read for me! I liked the forbidden love between the two men and thoroughly enjoyed the story they told. Everything is not always what it seems to be. There 4. There are secrets these men have that threaten to tear them apart and only the belief in true love will save their relationship. I also liked the sacrifices they had to make. Both Ian and Roark are honorable men and although there were times I wondered how in the world they would end up together, Ms.

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Richards was able to wrap things up and give them the ending that they deserve. Jul 07, MyzanM rated it it was ok Shelves: shifters , read , read-under , mm , a-bit-of-action , warrior , dragons , setting-highlands-mountain. This is one of those books that are hard to review because I actually liked a great part of it. Problem is that that part is not so big as this book is just shy of pages.

What I liked was the authors attempt to build this world of medieval highlands with a secluded clan of dragons. With a little work the idea might have been golden. Now it's so so. I liked Roark. At least up to the last chapters. I think his balloon popped. Sadly that was most of what I liked about the book. The dialogue was r This is one of those books that are hard to review because I actually liked a great part of it.

The dialogue was riddled by faux brogues and words one would not have expected in medieval highlands or elsewhere. Ian was annoying. Just plain annoying. Well I'd better stop my ramblings because, let's face it, it won't make it better. A bit more work and length might have If you're looking for a quick noncommittal read this is for you.

If you want something substantial pass this one and look elsewhere. Aug 01, Phaney rated it liked it Shelves: m-m. This is actually a sub-subgenre now, I guess.

For a Dragon's Touch (Highland Dragons #1) by Charlie Richards

At least there are no male pregnancies in this one. No fated mates, but love happens like lightning, I guess. Stil Well. Still, I am pleased enough and my stomach seems to have calmed a little for now. Going to be reading more of this series. This is a great story for anyone who likes both shape shifters and men in kilts! The concept of a society of dragon shifters that lives near but separate from the humans is not new, but is handled well in this story. The attraction between the two men is quick, but is given time to grow and is tested when Ian leaves for home and again when he is in danger.

I thought it was a great beginning to a series. Jan 03, Teetee rated it really liked it Shelves: para-mm-shifters. I thought this was a great start to a new series; I love the characters and set up! Looking forward to more! Jan 12, Kath rated it liked it. It was a cute and really nice to read story, but if felt like substance was missing from both sides the dragon and the clan, I would have liked a bit more insight into the dragons' history as well as the clans, so it felt a bit bare Hope the next book has a bit more info I love the romance but building on something is even better.

Jun 01, Tj rated it liked it Shelves: read , have. Ok, I liked it but there was a lot wrong with it. The historical accuracy of the story is very doubtful. There were lots of things wrong with the dress and words used. There wasn't much of a story let alone a plot.

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Pretty thin on story and believablity but still I had fun reading it. It was enjoyable when you know not to expect so great story. I love dragons! I loved Roark's personality, he is tough yet sweet and even though he was a dragon he didn't assert his dominance and will over Ian. But I would have loved this story more if view spoiler [ the scene where Ian confronted his father was written and didn't happen off page hide spoiler ].

It was short but a very enjoyable read. Jun 10, Angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: shifters. This story was a sexy quick read. It had an interesting world it created. I loved her as a character-she was independent for this time period and thoroughly modern for the period as well. Her second sight has a lot to do with the ruination.

Colin and Reggie begin a fast friendship and proceed to become lovers-unbeknownst to the others at the house party. Things were happening with the haunting of course, but I just got bored after awhile. Once things started coming to a head though, I did enjoy the read. I just think there should have been more-more romance, more of the haunting, and absolutely more of the dragon!

I enjoyed the way the mystery of the spirit haunting the house started to unravel with a classic seance gone wrong scene but the worldbuilding was a bit hard for me to grasp. I am not sure if it was an "I haven't read the first book" situation or I just was not getting something because I did feel a little lost as to what was going on aside from the fact that a spirit was haunting a residence. Also, the story didn't really have much in the way of dragons which is fine for a gothic novel Reggie is spunky and adventurous, the exact opposite of what a Victorian lady should be which I loved.

Her verbal sparing with Colin is really fun especially in their first meeting. I didn't really get a centuries old Highland Dragon vibe from Colin. He was very passive throughout the story. Colin is supposed to be a Highlander and a dragon but he just comes off as a mild mannered Scotsman which wouldn't be bad in another book. Their relationship just kind of happened with no passion really felt between them. I do question just how they are going to get through the whole Reggie not living as long as Colin issue.

There was Colin and mentions of others but he seemed to be the only one in existence for this story. I also had some trouble focusing on what was happening as there was so much going on. Interesting setting - just a few years prior to the turn of the 20th century. The h has her very own car actually, she's the only member of her family with a car.

The H is of course, a dragon. I don't know that I've read too many in this time period, if I've read any at all. The plot is, the h's parents acquired a moldering, haunted pile after its owner died. They decide to hold a seance to see what the ghost wants. The local vicar is Interesting setting - just a few years prior to the turn of the 20th century. The local vicar is invited which causes a raised eyebrow , and his sister, who is apparently hopeful of the h's brother.

Alas, the h's brother does not lean in that direction bad news because this was set during the Oscar Wilde trials. The h meets the H when she climbs the tree outside her brother's window to lecture him about leading the girl on. She'd just arrived from London and is unaware of her brother relocating to another room due to the vicar's mysteriously breaking his ankle on a bad step.

She has a "gift" in that she can often pick up a person's thoughts upon skin contact. Touching the H, however inadvertently causes quite a shock. Of course, the ghost is most unhappy that the medium is there, and exceedingly unhappy it's a female. Eventually they decide to host an exorcism which is a mixed blessing - she's run out of the house but Eventually a confrontation happens, the H gets seriously injured, and informs the h he loves her before passing out, causing her to freak out a bit as it comes across as the ending of a tragic love story she's read a few apparently.

It reads like an adventure, like one of Amanda Quick's, only with more substance and of course, a dragon. Oh, and the h isn't all alone in this world and having to make a living - she has family looking out for her interests, IOW. Sep 01, Robin rated it really liked it Shelves: isabel-cooper , library , highland-dragon , Good characters and a good plot. I'm mad there is only one more. Nov 21, Shauni rated it liked it Shelves: series , gothic-romance , reading-romance-challenge , netgalley , historical-fiction-victorian , magic.

For a Dragon's Touch

Originally reviewed for Tea and Book. It's a bit of a misnomer, sure the characters come from Scotland and yes they are Dragons but neither book in the series is really about being a dragon or from Scotland for that matter. Both books take place in Victorian England, both brothers are urban, sophisticated and sure of themselves, fitting in well with the times, which we would hope a dragon would be. But it's like the Originally reviewed for Tea and Book. But it's like the dragon aspect was just tossed in there to get our attention, the Highlander aspect as well.

This isn't a Highlander novel, it's not a Dragon novel, it's a gothic novel! And a rather well written one, if one likes Gothic Novels. As you turn the pages you can imagine mad wives in the attic and ghosts in the gables. Ok, you don't have to imagine ghosts as there is one actually in this story.

I am a bit disappointed with the slight of hand but enjoyed the final product. Regina-Talbot Jones was a bit unique, gifted with the ability to "feel" others through touch, she has shielded her life by pretty much staying out of relationships. So now, she's in her late 20's and determined to be a spinster. But a dutiful one. She comes and finds much more than she expects.

Colin MacAlasdair is the second son and pretty darn happy with it. Able to move from interest to interest without the pressure of becoming Laird. So when a friend invites him out to the country to try and discover just what's up with their house.

He is intrigued. Finding the lovely Regina, crawling through his window mistaking it for her brother's is even more intriguing. There is so much going on in this book.. Hints at a gay brother, A father who keeps trying to match him up, the latest lovely who has designs on said brother. A lovely that is rather waspish and snotty - have to wonder what she is hiding. We gets hints that there is more to here than we see but never see any resolutions. A mystic who is injured by a ghost, A vicar who is just curious Oh and a nasty ghost who wants them all out.

See lots of clutter.. I often thought, Regina and Colin, who??? Then there's the fact that Colin is written as a rather attractive but uninspiring man.. I found him kind of boring.. And there's my problem, this was a good Gothic Romance.. I have to go with the fact that as irked as I was, I kept reading..

I was curious about the ghost and how that would be resolved. Couldn't care less about Regina and Colin. Honestly, I would have preferred to know what was up with the Vicar's sister previously mentioned waspish and snotty lovely. Like I said a good Gothic Novel.. Sep 20, Shelbie Knight rated it it was ok. I was provided an advance copy of The Highland Dragon's Lady 2 in exchange for an honest review. I hate to say this, because I know the work, love and commitment that goes into writing a book, but I have to be honest; I couldn't even finish the second chapter.

I can't remember the last time I rated a book this low, but the reading was very difficult with over-use of complex and non-sensical words in context , thus making the story and characters get buried under it all. I couldn't even track I was provided an advance copy of The Highland Dragon's Lady 2 in exchange for an honest review. I couldn't even track where the story was going, or gain anything from the characters because of the wordiness - and word choice.

Deciding to look at the authors other titles I was curious if it was just me , I see a common theme - my observations are fairly standard. I suspect if she re-thought her word usage, simplifying her descriptions, that her ratings would go far beyond three because there is no doubt she is creative. Sometimes, the best story told is with the fewest use of words or complex words. In this case, it worked my brain too hard to be enjoyable. As a reader, when I have to re-read the same sentence repeated times, trying to understand what the author was saying, it gets frustrating.

Reading should not be work; this was laborious. As an Author I honestly do not understand why this wasn't send for re-writes the minute it hit the editors desk. In all fairness, it could be that, had I trudged on, the story evened out, or the author calmed down her wordiness,. But as we all know, the first chapter can make or break the story and, sadly, the first chapter shattered it for me, ending it all. Nov 07, Lover of Romance rated it liked it Shelves: genre-historical-romance , shifter-romance , genre-paranormal.

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  • I have always loved paranormal historical romances There were some aspects that I enjoyed, aspects that was different and unique in a way that really pulls you in at the beginning, but when I got to the middle of the book, I really had to force my way through portions of it, because I di I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca. There were some aspects that I enjoyed, aspects that was different and unique in a way that really pulls you in at the beginning, but when I got to the middle of the book, I really had to force my way through portions of it, because I did want to find out how these find their HEA.

    This author can be a hit or miss for me, and this story really felt off for me, and so I had a difficult time keeping my attention on the story, I felt like the consistency of the writing was a little off, and that threw me off kilter as I was reading. The story is pretty well set up and I enjoyed seeing the paranormal element mixed in with it, a element of not just a shifter dragon who is sexy hot!

    I did like the characters, they added some fun elements to the plot, and they were the reason I wanted to keep going I loved this pair and seeing them together was enchanting. Overall, even though the story didn't fully meet my expectations, there were many exciting and sensual moment that were engaging, with paranormal twists and turns Sep 27, Andrea rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was lookin forward 2contemporary. I was prepared 4 modern speech so this was an unwelcome surprise.

    It required so much concentration 2understand, cuz the author was hard2 understand. Reggie dint make a good 1st impression. I luv those kinds of comments. He nos how2 handle a girl, if u beleve Bettina. I love that! She tells him she nos her bro duznt like the woman. She did that 2beat him 2the punch? How vry…modern. He casually says 1nvr nos. How fittin of a lady. At the table she says virgin sacrifice. Regina is like a man. More talkin about sex!!

    Idl that about him, that he makes sexual innuendos 2her. They make me sick. Nvr had an historical author reference female masturbation. This book is a 1st 4me in a lot of ways, a lot of taboos r broken. On pg. Genuinely haunted houses were far rarer. I was rly not a fan of his. It wudve ben better had Colin liked her more than all the other women or felt more deeply about her. Wut does she want him 2do? Like, wut sentence did he say 2do this? Speaking Latin is a miracle I guess. I was thinkin rly badly of him.

    The company she keeps reflects on her. They sound like a good group of ppl. Wut kind of lifestyle is this 4the s? Like very obvious. But the author just drug it out until pg. Like me suddenly havin a mad passion 4a lapdog. Idt a dragon likin humans is anything like a person likin a dog. This is just a glaring example of me havin no idea wut the characters r talkin. Looking up at Colin, she took a breath, which expanded her bosom nicely even under a layer of tweed.

    Every1 piles in2 Mrs. Colin, Edmund, Mr. Osbourne is in her nightgown in her bed. I highly doubt they wud hav all gone in her room, esp the men. Seems 2go aginst propriety. This is so wrong. I hate wen authors drag things out 4no reason other than suspense, bcuz it prevents readers from knowin the character. So annoying. The mystery continues. Wen on pg. However does she know this? Wut a conundrum. No place in the modern world.

    Wut a dumb broad. How is that condescending? It sounded 2light in his mind, 2sporting, the sort of thing 1sed 2a future mistress or an enthusiastic dairymaid. Colin frowned up at the barn roof. He had ben vry fond of his mistresses. Idw 2hear about that crap. Made me roll my eyes. Idl her but at least he had deeper feelins. That says it all. Is her power telepathy? So is he bisexual? There, I sed it.

    U dt ur wrong, u just think it wud b2 much truble 2express the insult. Wut a proposal. Nothin they sed went 2gether, was impossible 2 follow train of thought. They nvr sed wut I thought they wud, author tried 2make them quirky. I got so sik of her language. Damn this, damn that. Sed Reggie.

    Sed Colin. Sed Edmund. They sed sounds so much btr. Stepped out of an advertisement 4soap. Not her cup of tea. Every man 4himself. Ovr his head. Doin 3 impossible things b4 brekfast-Alice in Wonderland any1? Mental shake.