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Forvo : If you come across a new word, especially with French that has a lot of silent letter combinations, Forvo is a great place to listen to words spoken by a native speaker. It has a large database and is a good reference for pronunciation.

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FrenchPod : In addition to their free podcast lessons, FrenchPod also has an excellent YouTube channel with hours of free content. Super Easy French : I love the Easy Languages channel because it offers you a lot of local culture and context.

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In this series, the hosts go out into the streets of France and interview the people they meet there. French with Alexa teaches French with fun, short videos that cover everything from grammar to themed vocabulary lists. Alexa also features interviews in French as well as recipes!

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It has several free video lessons taught by a native French-speaking instructor. Learn with Oliver : Learn with Oliver is an online flashcard tool that lets you learn and test yourself on French words and phrases. I personally love their email newsletters and look forward to seeing them in my inbox every day. Free French Language Apps Apps are a handy way to learn a new language, especially for those who like to study on the go. Memrise or Anki for iOS , for Android , and for everyone else : These are flashcard systems that you can use to create your own French vocabulary decks or download those already created by other users.

The desktop version of Anki is free, as is the basic version of Memrise. There is both a free and paid version of this app. Duolingo : Duolingo is a popular language learning app that introduces you to both French vocabulary and grammar. Drops : Pressed for time? Drops is the perfect solution. With the free version of the app, you just get five minutes of study time per day.

But you can get a lot done in those five minutes. The system is built to keep you engaged and moving so that you get a significant chunk of vocabulary exposure in a short time via beautiful graphics and intuitive swiping. Clozemaster is a language learning app the uses cloze fill in the blank to help you master new vocabulary in French. Coursera : Interested in learning more about negotiation or how to develop a startup? BBC Languages : Looking for a fantastic introduction to the French language with video and tons of accompanying material? Class Central : Class Central is an online portal that indexes free online courses from a variety of sites including Coursera and EdX.

Currently, they have more than courses taught in French listed on their site.

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  • Learn to speak French in the peaceful atmosphere of Provence, in the South of France..

Here are a few of my favorites: Natoo : Natoo is a comedy vlogger with a variety of videos and skits on her channel. The videos are in French, but you can watch them with English subtitles. Cyprien : Cyprien is also a comedy vlogger.

This vlogger recently became a parent, so she shares her experience, discussing everything from night routines to household products. Fast Good Cuisine : Do you love food? What about French food? If your inner foodie is screaming yes, then Fast Good Cuisine is the channel for you to not only satisfy your cravings, but to work on your food-related vocabulary in French.

Joueur du Grenier : Into video games? Joueur du Grenier is a French vlogger who specializes in retro video games.

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Free French Language Reading Materials Finding reading material appropriate for your level in the language can be a challenge. Wikipedia : Use Wikipedia to read short articles in French.

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You can switch back to your native language to check your comprehension. LingQ : LingQ is a popular online learning system that helps you acquire new vocabulary through its reading interface.

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The French Experiment : Looking for short stories to read in French? The French Experiment is a website that offers not only short reading excerpts in French, but useful grammar guides. Click a sentence to hear it pronounced by a computer voice. Tap the circle next to a sentence to change it from French to English and back.

Shannon is our resident Language Hacker at Fluent in 3 Months. There was an error submitting your subscription. Each morning she asked our children what they had planned on seeing that day and incorporated that into her lessons to make it more personal. We also appreciated her patience and teaching style.

My daughter loved her from the first day they met and adores their lessons. Nindra is serious but fun and also very patient with my daughter. Nindra is a pleasure to invite into our home every week and I would highly recommend her. A really fun way to improve language skills and spend time! Learn French with fun! Flourish thanks to theatre.

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Discover a culture with games and songs. Our french Summer Program In Paris. Choose our private french courses for an adapted learning plan, tailored to your schedule. Discover Paris thanks to our cultural visits of the capital. Choose our group workshop for more social interaction in the french learning process. These outings and visits allow your child to learn French in real-life situations and to discover some of the most famous places in Paris Gardens of Paris, Museums, Tea rooms, the Amusement park, and Exhibitions Theater workshop 4 to 6 children The theatre workshop is a real theatre class where the body, the voice, expressions and attitudes are put to the test.

Drop us an email. Our workshops can be attended as a leisure activity or in addition to school. They last 2 hours and take place once a week in a room in Paris or at your home. Our teachers are native french speakers who are experienced, accessibles and receptives.