Jesus Calms The Storm (Bible Stories for Children)

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Place a ball or other soft object on the sheet and try to keep it from falling off. Have one person yell stop and have all the children stop waving the sheet and explain how Jesus calmed the storm.

Jesus Calms The Storm Kids Bible Story | Kids Bible Stories

Kids will have fun making a storm in a bottle. This is an easy activity the teacher can do with preschool children. How to make a storm in bottle:. Fill a plastic bottle two-thirds full with water. Add one teaspoon of salt, a drop of dishwashing liquid and two drops of blue food coloring.

Glue the lid on the bottle and shake. The mixture will form a funnel like a storm. Thank You, Jesus, for always being with us.

Sunday School Lesson: Jesus Calms the Storm on the Sea of Galilee

In Jesus name, Amen. The teacher will bring cupcakes frosted with blue icing to represent the ocean. Help the children place a jellybean on the top for the boat. Reinforce the lesson by discussing how Jesus is our personal lifesaver, and encourage each child to place a lifesaver over their jellybean boat. Bring blue juice or Kool-Aid for the students to drink.

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Another hands on activity includes acting out the story. The children pretend they are in a storm and wave their arms and bodies back and forth while they make sounds like thunder. The teacher places a piece of blue tape on the floor to represent water. The children take turns jumping over the water and saying their memory verse as they jump across the water. This is a great way for them to practice the memory verse. Teacher's note: Be ready to prompt the children if they have trouble reciting the verse from memory.

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All rights reserved. Bright Hub Education. Chuck enters from behind Caroline. He is wearing a pair of floaties and a whistle. He carries a second pair of floaties. He blasts the whistle, scaring Caroline. I have my swimsuit, I have a towel, I put on sunscreen.

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Now look at yours. What are you missing? I will be fine. There are things that make me a little afraid, but rather than let fear get to me, I give those fears to Jesus. So yeah, I feel pretty safe. You may swim without floaties at your own risk. Jesus is watching out for me everywhere I go. Have the adult leader giving the talk put on the floaties and the flotation ring before coming onto stage.

If you saw an adult show up at the pool dressed to swim like this, what would you think? Floaties are for kids. An experienced swimmer would never wear floaties. But even adults know to put on life jackets when they go out on the lake. Thankfully, God sent his son Jesus to be our friend, our comforter, and our protector in times of need.

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Jesus is always looking out for us. Jesus is our protector. With him on our side, we have nothing to fear. Choose one team of three people. The players will have 60 seconds to suit up one team member with the floaties and ring. The kids will have to inflate all three flotation devices and then get them on to one of the team members before time expires.

This can also be a race for two teams to get its person suited up first. For younger kids, inflate the floaties and the ring before the game begins to make it easier. Floaties protect us in the water, but Jesus protects us all the time. Such miracles revealed just who Jesus was as the Messiah.

This interactive craft will give kids a chance to re-enact this miraculous story.

Sunday School Lesson: Jesus Calms the Storm on the Sea of Galilee

This story illustration shows Jesus sleeping in a ship as the disciples fight the winds, just before Jesus calms the storm. It can be used with children in a homeschool setting, one-on-one, or with kids in a classroom setting like Sunday School. These bookmarks, based on Matthew , will reinforce for kids the reality that Jesus has power over nature.