Obtaining Accurate Recipe Costs

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Created by Dr. Susan B. Roberts and Dr. Lorien E. Urban, both of the Energy Metabolism Lab in collaboration with Dr. Cheryl H. Gilhooly, of the Dietary Assessment Unit.

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    Close Search Section Search Search. Search Directory. Search Search. Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. Calculating Calories and Nutrients in Meals. Calculating Calories and Nutrients in Single Ingredient Meals: It is not always feasible to calculate nutrition information for all of your recipes, but having information for some of your meals is better than having nothing at all.


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    Full Meals Nutrient analysis software, nutrient analysis companies and laboratory analysis are also listed below. Calculating Calories for Recipes and Mixed Dishes: A lot of the foods we eat have more than one ingredient. Type the names and amounts of each ingredient into the spreadsheet.

    Determine calories and nutrients for each individual ingredient in the correct quantity as described above. Enter the data into the spreadsheet and it will add up values for the total recipe. When you enter the number of servings, the spreadsheet will determine calories and nutrients per serving.

    Calculating Calories for Full Meals: Typically a meal consists of several different foods, some of which may be recipes that contain multiple ingredients. Type the names of the ingredients and the recipes, along with the amounts of each into the spreadsheet.

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    Alternately, recipes may be copied over from the Recipe Calculator above. Enter the information into the Meal Calculator spreadsheet including number of servings for each individual ingredient or recipe.

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    The spreadsheet will then sum calories and nutrients giving you values for a single serving of the entire meal. Return On Ingredients Follow. Published in: Business , Travel. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Browse by Genre Available eBooks Show More. Melon Qiu , trainee at CTU. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Cucina ItalianaBravo!

    Menu Nutrition and Costing Software

    Restaurants vs. Your Costs! CommoditCommodityCosts Ind strIndustryFailure Rate Thus, managers that do not understand the importanceof cost controls are bound to fail in the restaurant business. Twoj t i th t t i d t f d t d l bmajor costs in the restaurant industry are food cost and laborcost. These two costs together are referred to as prime costs. ROI MethodologyRecipe costing is the base for manyRecipe costing is the base for manyother aspects of the operations. What is in your control?

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    Recipe WritingAnalyze and question the recipe to accountAnalyze and question the recipe to accountfor accuracy and the process. Ask questions! In house? Recipe WritingP k d? Recipe WritingMi d l? Minced or cloves? Recipe WritingI di d K h? Iodized or Kosher? Recipe WritingTh i ld d lt i i d f ti!

    The yield or end result is required for costing! Recipe Writing OverheadRate Beer Keg Conversions Low Average High Batch 1Yields: 28 ozBatch 2Uses24 oz ofBatch 1 Where is the distribution of the sales mix? Execution vs. Menu Level Costing Menu Level CostingPrime Cost Menu Level CostingTotal Cost Where do I start? Our Systems